Go on and live your life.

There will be endless posts about lessons of 9/11. The lesson I’ve taken away is this one:

Every single person who knew their life might end that day left a beautiful message of love and appreciation. Every single person who could, told the people they cared about how much they were loved. People on their way to their death, even those who knew who was responsible, left messages of love. Not of hatred, or violence or revenge. Not of patriotism or politics. Love.

They said “Baby, I love you. You mean so much to me. Go on and live your life. I’ll always be with you.”

Be like these people. Do this. Now. This is the lesson of 9/11.

*wrote this for all of us.

Baby, I love you. I really do.


Angela Blanchard

Out to Change the World. Born for Storms. Senior Fellow Watson Institute Brown University President Emerita BakerRipley @cajunangela