Crowdsource that Dang Wall

Angela Blanchard
1 min readJan 26, 2017


I’ve been thinking about DJT’s ~1,900 mile wall.*

I think we should crowdsource it. If you want a wall, grab a brick and haul it down to the Texas** border and put it right down. On the border.

A few things to watch out for:

  1. Snakes. I’m scared of snakes. They have snakes. Mean ones.
  2. Rio Grande River. It IS the border and it kind of moves around. The border is just a squiggly sort of line. Google can’t help. The border doesn’t have an address. You might need a surveyor.
  3. Private property. The “government” doesn’t own all the border land. Regular people do. So you better ask them before you put your foot on their property. It’s Texas. They have guns.
  4. Fences. There are fences in a lot of places along the border. You can take a look at the fence and see if you think there needs to be a wall. If you don’t like the fence, put your brick right there.
  5. Mexico. It’s right there (wave to your neighbors) and they aren’t going to help with the wall. They have bigger concerns. Like how to deal with the superpower to the north.

*U.S. Mexico border wall. There’s been no mention of a wall between U.S and Canada. (5,000+miles) Thank goodness. We can still get out that way if we need to.

**I know the whole border isn’t in Texas, but I don’t want to speak for other states. States rights and all.



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