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  • Jessica Bolaños Vanegas

    Jessica Bolaños Vanegas

    Digital + Video + Social Impact. Storyteller. Documenting history as it unfolds. Co-Founder @Goodspero. TEDx-er. Former Contributing Writer @HuffPost. She/Her ❤

  • Fig Tech Inc.

    Fig Tech Inc.

    We help low to medium income families with short term cash needs. Designed and partnered with non-profits, Fig loans provide safer alternatives to payday loans.

  • Cindy Johanson

    Cindy Johanson

    @edutopia exec dir, mom, board member, swimmer, cyclist, gardener. Passions in learning strategies + digital media. Tweets are my own, unless retweeting yours!

  • Tessa Jackson

    Tessa Jackson

  • Michael Shore

    Michael Shore

    ENDing homelessness at @hominc. Bench player for @OrgCode. Husband, father, golfer, Type 9. Businessman AND social justice warrior.

  • Cindy Gonzales

    Cindy Gonzales

  • Rashmir Balasubramaniam

    Rashmir Balasubramaniam

    Leading transformational change needn’t be hard. But it does begin within.

  • Fred Andrew B.

    Fred Andrew B.

    A renaissance man with a medieval attitude.

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